Since our inception we have been convinced that our focus on long term profitability is well aligned with good stewardship on Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) factors. We have therefore always seen ESG factors as integral to our investment management approach and have laid down our principles in the Gilde ESG policy.

As part of our investment approach we require our companies to foster good relationships with their employees, their social and natural surroundings. This is in order to be successful in creating value both in the short and in the long term.

Our portfolio companies’ management teams are accountable for the ESG performance. We challenge and support them and where required have them report on the relevant ESG indicators.

We assess target companies and manage our portfolio companies on the following dimensions – both to manage the risks as well as to capture the opportunities:

  • Environmental, including energy efficiency measures, waste management, raw material procurement of sustainable sources
  • Social, including compliance with prevailing employment legislation, health and safety
  • Governance, including communication with workers councils, compliance with bribery and anti-corruption legislation, responsible marketing and sales procedures, supply chain audits and internal audit functions

ESG to us is just good business.