Gilde Equity Management specializes in management buy-outs of (international) mid-market companies based in the Benelux. The average transaction size varies between 20 million and 200 million euro.

All companies in our portfolio target growth, and our objective is to facilitate this growth. This was often not possible under the pre-buyout shareholding structure. Management buy-out opportunities generally arise when a (parent) company decides to spin off non-core activities, when a family-owned company faces the issue of succession, or when management wishes to pursue a secondary buy-out with the aim of expanding the company they work for on an independent footing.


Although each transaction is unique, our approach is always consistent. Our business model targets close cooperation with the management teams of the companies we invest in.

The strategy and business plans that define the success of our investments are developed in close consultation with the incumbent management team. In our experience, this helps to encourage quick decision-making.

Operational responsibility resides with the management team, allowing it to act decisively while retaining a high degree of flexibility. We take on the role of sounding board and management sparring partner. One of the Gilde partners will take a seat on the Supervisory Board, the composition of which is determined in consultation with management.

By allowing – and encouraging – the incumbent management team to acquire a (significant) shareholding in the company they run, we look to create a partnership based on common interests, openness, integrity and mutual trust. Working together, we aim to unlock and maximize a company’s potential.

Buy-out transactions and disposals are often complicated and make heavy demands on those involved. Our experience allows us to facilitate a smooth transition. We also make every effort to take the interests and aspirations of all stakeholders into account.