Wijnvoordeel, founded in 1999 by René Tulner and grown to the multi-label E-luscious, is the largest online wine retailer in the Benelux. E-luscious markets its products under various labels, thereby covering the value buyers, the specialty/service buyers and the fine wine customers. E-luscious sells over 13 million bottles per year, amounting to more than EUR 75 million sales.

With Gilde as new shareholder, E-luscious’ management targets to build the winning online wine retailer in various European countries. Initial focus is on further building out the presence in its three core geographic markets: The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. In addition, E-luscious will grow to become a multi-product platform, most recently through the introduction of coffee (Koffievoordeel) to its platform.

In 2015, the founder of Wijnvoordeel and Gilde acquired the company from Baarsma Wine Group.

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