Famed, founded in 1988 by the Dutch National Specialist Association, is a Dutch BPO service provider for financial and administrative processes of healthcare providers such as dentists, opticians, GGZ institutions and pharmacists. Famed provides a comprehensive service offering related to the handling of healthcare claims, including invoicing, split-billing, pre-financing, factoring, debt  collection and healthcare consumer (contact center) services. Annually, Famed processes more than EUR 1.5 billion in healthcare invoices.

Care providers are offered the opportunity to outsource a substantial part of their administrative workload, cash flow management and debtor risks, enabling them to focus on their core activities. Famed is market leader in dental care and has a foothold in various other healthcare markets.

In 2014, Famed welcomed Gilde as growth partner. Together with Gilde as new shareholder, management is broadening its service offering and expanding into other healthcare markets.


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